You can be sure that all of the services we provide are highly interactive, relevant, and engaging. Most importantly, each engagement is created to meet your organization's needs. Read the testimonials below to see how Focused Consulting, LLC engineered tailored solutions for each unique situation.

“My company relies on promoting from within to quickly fill management needs and limit ramp up time. What do I do when my managers are not ready for the next level because, while they possess the skills necessary to perform their jobs, they lack management skills?”

Focused Consulting, LLC recognized this common issue and immediately conducted a thorough needs assessment to determine where skill development was needed. By weaving in our existing company Performance Management System, Focused Consulting, LLC was able to provide training on giving feedback, delegating, assessing performance, and coaching. Not only have our managers embraced the training, they have asked for additional one-on-one sessions to address specific departmental issues.

Executive Vice President,
Marketing Services

“I was embarrassed to have any of my analysts meet with our clients.”

My analysts were the best and the brightest from the top business schools globally, but I needed them to connect with an older generation of clients. Focused Consulting, LLC met with us, observed a few meetings, and recommended a solution. The workshop focused on helping the analysts be “interested” rather than “interesting.” By taking the emphasis off of themselves, and putting it on their clients, they were able to connect and build relationships. After the workshop, Focused Consulting, LLC continued to observe the analysts and provide ongoing coaching. Now, their workshop is part of our new hire program.

Managing Director,
Private Equity

“We are an international organization and rely on email. Then I realized that my people couldn’t effectively communicate in writing.”

Focused Consulting, LLC reviewed writing samples from all levels and recommended a program designed to address the issues of writing effectively using email. In addition, Focused Consulting, LLC was able to draw from their experience with international organizations to provide tips and techniques for working with different business cultures. The result has been a definite improvement in overall communication and client satisfaction.

Human Resource Director,

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